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About Cees Visser

Cees’ gives ‘life’ to your products and presentations.

Food styling that covers photography, film, commercials, packaging, magazines, print advertising, people & lifestyle, food design & art. Always with passion for food and beauty.

The foundation for food styling

The foundation for food styling was developed during the 90′s in Amsterdam by culinairy productdevelopment for catering and pastry. Cooperation behind the scenes & on set with the famous culinary stylist Ton van Groeningen was established rapidly.

The mastery of advanced techniques which have prove themselves ‘on set’ resulted in high appreciation of agencies, film production companies, advertising offices, directors, camera crews and clients.

High quality

To achieve the highest level of quality in advertising, photography, commercials, table top, high-speed; you can appeal on our expertise in food & drinks styling techniques with special effects in cool & fresh, hot & warm, topping, ice cream, chocolate, coffee and beer.

Together we will catch the right perception for the eye!

Cees is working all over the world freelance as a Food & Drink designer for brands and as a Food & Drink stylist for local production companies in photography and film-commercial shoots.

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